Team RHS Terms of Service

Learn how Team RHS keeps your data safe.


"Team RHS services" and "the service" are defined as all interfaces through which you connect with Team RHS systems. This includes Team RHS-operated Discord servers, the Team RHS website, RHSChat (deprecated), and any other mediums through which you access Team RHS. By using Team RHS services, you agree to these Terms of Service.

Team RHS protects your data. Your information is stored on an encrypted-at-rest system in the cloud. During verification of your account with Redwood, Team RHS temporarily uses your school account credentials to validate that you are a student. After verifying your account, your password is disposed of from Team RHS servers and is not stored.

Data Collection and Processing

Team RHS may keep track of your personal information such as name, email, Discord guild list, IP address and related information, computer hardware information, location, location history, and activity on Team RHS services. Team RHS generally stores and processes this data in order to prevent system abuse and to make Redwood a better place.

By uploading data to Team RHS servers and / or services, you grant Team RHS and its sole proprietor a worldwide license to distribute, execute, use, evaluate, sublicense, sell, lease, perform, and transfer the data.

When you log into Team RHS with your Redwood student account, your login details are sent over an encrypted connection to the school's services to validate your credentials. Team RHS does not store your Redwood student account password when you log in. By signing in with a Redwood student account, you agree to take full responsibility for Team RHS' and its sole proprietors' use of your account and its contained data. When signing in with your Redwood student account, Team RHS retrieves your date of birth, gender, classes, and grade level from the school for personalization, utility, and safety purposes. (For example, RHSChat (now deprecated) does this to automatically allow you to access channels for each of your classes.)

Data Ownership

You are solely responsible for your use of Team RHS services. By uploading and sending messages and content through / to Team RHS you agree to be held responsible for your use of Team RHS services and that data you upload to Team RHS is your own.

Team RHS services are provided to you on an "as-is" basis, without any express or implied warranty. Team RHS may terminate your access to its services at any time, without any compensation to you. Team RHS is not to be held responsible for any damage to you or your property arising from or relating to your use of its services.

Data Export

Some long-term data stored about you by Team RHS can be retrieved by signing into your account and using the Data Export feature. This feature is made available to help students understand what data is stored about them and also to allow students to move their data to competing services if they choose to do so. (To promote competition and allow users to keep their own records.)


Upon deletion of all of your user data from Team RHS services and your suspension of use of Team RHS services, you will no longer be bound by these terms until you resume use of Team RHS services, excluding your claim of full responsibility for Team RHS' and its sole proprietors' actions in relation to your Redwood student account.